Monday, October 3, 2011

Methodist, Christianity

Currently I am exploring media use and negotiation within A&M United Methodist Church. The purpose of the case study is to understand how Christianity, in particular Methodism, feels about adapting to a society filled with digital media. So far the results I have found reflect a general thumbs up when it comes to using digital media. After interviewing the Pastor of the church he emphasized however that as long as media is being used to enhance the community rather than substitute it, it should not be problematic. The importance of community reveals a core value within the Methodist church and thus guides one in how digital media could be most beneficially used. Many forms of social media are used to enhance our community. Facebook for example is used to reach people around the world. The problem with this however is how easily face to face communication is becoming lost. Nonverbals for example are an important part in interaction with others and are nearly absent in the world of digital media. Digital media has its positives and negatives when it meets with religion. The issue in regards to furthering the use of media amongst religious organizations is one nearly all groups must face and negotiate in order to function in today's society. 

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